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Art Classes

Being an artist involves imagination, inspiration, colors, shapes, space, and realizing your own artistic vision.

At Brigitte's studio, individual and small group instruction and guidance are offered, focused on exploring your personal artistic imagination, creativity, and vision. In addition, Brigitte specifically provides guidance in helping young students prepare a portfolio for college.

Brigitte was born into a family of professional artists and musicians in Clermont Ferrand, France and has been surrounded by art and music her entire life. Brigitte studied art at l'ecole Superior des Beaux-Arts. Visit the gallery and Brigitte's studio at The Bradford Mill, 43 Bradford Street, 2nd floor, West Concord, MA to experience the true breadth and range of her creativity and artistic talent in person.

For more information and specific inquiries, please contact Brigitte at 978-697-3100, or email

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