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I have a uniquely personal view of the world and everything in it -- people, shapes, and colors.  I studied art at l'ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Clermont Ferrand France and later spent a year studying art in North Africa.  My art is based on impressions and memories of the many unique objects, architectures, and remarkable faces I have seen.  I am widely recognized for my unique sense of color and innate ability to translate from mind to media.

My studio is located in the Bradford Mill at 43 Bradford St., 2nd floor, in West Concord, MA and many of my larger oil paintings and mixed-media collages are on exhibit throughout the Bradford Mill complex.

I was born in France and have been surrounded by art and music my entire life.  I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, artists and musicians.  My Mother and Grandmother were concert level pianists and teachers.  Our home was always filled with their exquisite music.

My Uncle Jean Phillipe (Roc) Repolt, an accomplished musician and sculptor, played with l'Orchestre Lamoureux in Paris and created a series of bronze cast medallions for the United Nations. My cousin Pierre Argillet was Salvatore Dali's friend and publisher for approximately 50 years.  My brother Jean Francois Livet , a widely recognized professional photographer, was Dali's personal photographer in the 1960s.  During the summers, at my family's vacation home on Rue des Nobles in Saint Saturnin, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and his family were neighbors and close family friends.

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